What is the purpose of Recessed Lighting Kits

Ok, this may be a stupid question but I’m not finding the answer. What is the general purpose of the recessed lighting kits (Lightify, etc)?

Are they just intended to allow the addition of recessed lighting without requiring rewiring the fixture? I did read a post on the ST forum saying somebody bought a bunch of these kits in order to add LEDs to the recessed lights…which leads me to believe you’re not supposed to have LED bulbs (dumb or smart) in a “traditional” recessed can. I have several LEDs in my basement recessed fixtures and they SEEM fine - although perhaps I’m violating some electrical codes.

Any insight is appreciated.

I’m not an expert in this, but this is my guess. It is really a design/appearance decision by the manufacturer and/or being able to fit the components in a br30 bulb size. They all connect with the standard screw base.

Edit: See JDRoberts great response below. Overheating of the antenna when the bulb is installed upside down.

Many smart LEDs will overheat if placed upside down in a traditional can. There’s usually a warning on the bulb packaging. Smart bulbs usually disperse heat differently than a traditional incandescent, and in particular you have to worry about the radio overheating.

A Recessed lighting kit, whether it’s for a smart bulb or not, should include:

The socket connector

The transformer if needed between the socket and the bulb

The bulb

Reflecting tube if needed ( not needed with A BR30 or other wide diameter flat bulb)

A cover for the bulb if needed

The trim ring that goes around the bulb

In the case of a smart bulb, these are often sold all as one piece, and heat management will be built into the design.

Here’s the Osram Lightify recessed lighting kit:

Notice in particular that there’s no “can” (reflecting tube). As this isn’t needed with a flat bulb and also it can overheat the radio.

The socket connection is also distanced from The bulb itself, which can also help with keeping the radio cooler.


Who knew? I’m about to put a bunch of cans in my basement ceiling. Looks like I need to pick a bunch of these up. Or, just use regular ones and have a smart switch put in.
Good answer!!!

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Just my opinion, but that’s what I’d do. I really don’t want to depend upon a SmartApp to turn on/off a bunch of cans as a single group when a simple smart switch and dumb bulbs will work.


Thanks for all the great replies, folks.

My set up right now is a smart dimmer switch on 6 cans with dumb LEDs. I want to set it up to control the cans individually, so based on your feedback, if I switch over to smart LEDs, I’ll need the recessed kit variety.