What is the parameter that changes the report value supposed to do?

There are a couple of devices like the recessed door sensor from Aeotec/Aeon Labs that show a parameter like this:

Which value of the Sensor Binary Report will be sent when the magnet switch to open/close. 0
(Default) When the magnet switch to open, Sensor Binary Report=0xFF. When the magnet switch to close, Sensor Binary Report=0x00
1 When the magnet switch to open, Sensor Binary Report=0x00. When the magnet switch to close, Sensor Binary Report=0xFF

I would expect that if I set the value above, it would effectively invert the output, so the sensor would show closed when the magnet was away from the sensor and open when it was next to it. They also have a parameter for the Basic report as well, but when I switch the parameters it doesn’t seem to do what I expected above.

I see the values in the IDE so am I misinterpreting this or is it just a product fail?

It helps if you paste a link to the full DTH code as well as explaining what your goal is.

SmartThings has a lot of quirks, so you may be stumbling on one and there may be a simple explanation or workaround.

Well, like I said, the goal is to use the parameter to flip the outputs of the device. All these door sensors have the same code:
def sensorValueEvent(value) {
if (value) {
createEvent(name: “contact”, value: “open”, descriptionText: “$device.displayName is open”)
} else {
createEvent(name: “contact”, value: “closed”, descriptionText: “$device.displayName is closed”)

And, as mentioned, the Aeotec recessed door sensor actually has a parameter that I listed above that is supposed to flip the values. But it doesn’t seem to actually do this. The IDE shows that it’s set, the live logging shows it getting passed, but the output never changes.

Although, for that matter, I just set a parameter that I know doesn’t even exist and it took that too.

Easiest solution is to ignore the hardware and just reverse the logic in the DTH…

ie, replace “open” with “closed” in the above code snip (and the other swap after the else…).

I think I need to focus on the commands…I’ll just start a new thread that makes more sense. Thanks