What is the most menacing message you can play through Sonos speakers for intruders?

I have one message that says: “Intruder, leave now or die.”

Another one that says, “Intruder, Police is coming.”

What ideas do you have?

Shotgun, grenade, or naked jazz hands. Your move. Choose wisley.

Honey get me my AK

First thing I thought of

Guys… A little off topic. I put on my jacket twice today to go out to best buy to get the Sonos 5 but returned… Help me make up my mind, please! Is it really good and 399.99 the right price to pay?

Don’t get the 5, get the 1 or 3. they are more than enough

I love my sonos. I have 2 5’s and one 3. I would never buy another 5 again though. my 3 is just as good.

K. As such I am not going to use it as my primary home theater just something which can give me the great features that you all talk about and match the regular Bose I use to stream music on right now via Bluetooth.

Yoohoo! Big Summer Blowout!

Just got Sonos 1 and connected it and trying to figure things out. Later this is going to make room for 5 may be? Trying to set it up quick before the missus arrives home from work. :wink:

just blame your buddies in the internet if she asks

:wink: twenty characters!

I feel like the opposite. I feel like the 3 and the 1 are close together and the 5 is much more powerful.

Here’s an honest opinion from a first time Sonos user. The setup is pretty easy, within ten minutes I was able to play my iTunes library, Z100 NY top hit music station blah… Blah… Hooking it up with ST was a breeze.

Now sound quality… Sonos 1 vs Bose SoundDock 10 with bluetooth that I use… The 1 is nowhere near it which is expected. 199 vs 500+ system. I primarily bought it for ST integration and play with it with the added benefit of streaming music. Not sure how the 5 matches up.

Like others have said, I like the SONOS 1’s much better than the others. They have updated tech in them as well. Get 2 1’s.

The dogs barking sound that is built in is very scary at loud volumes.

Sonos Play 5 definitely has a better sound than Sonos 1 especially when you really crank it. However, Sonos Play 1 is much better value and can handle moist conditions (i.e. bathroom). I have a Playbar, Subwoofer, four Play 1s, four Play 3s and one Play 5. Also have a bridge and a boost. They are all way overpriced in my opinion.

I really want a second one…once the missus is in a good mood. :wink: Already dropped the lady Santa a hint! :slight_smile:

@beckwith wherever you work, are they hiring? :wink: I am totally completely flat broke this year and next after buying our first house and paying property taxes, I am in Jersey you know! :slight_smile:


I don’t want to think about the cost.

Don’t think about the cost to your career, think about the gain to your friendship. In any event, just being from Jersey doesn’t rule him out as a productive member of your team.

What’s that? Oh - that isn’t what you were getting at? :speak_no_evil: