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What is the difference between Smart App and Device Type

(Mikayil Abdullayev) #1

It’s only been 4 days since jumping into smartthings but I have not still understood the difference between these things called Smart App and Device Type. We write code in both places. But can’t decide when to you which one.

(Brice; #2

Hi @mikayil_abdullayev, welcome to the community. Basically, a device type is what you’ll want to use if you are creating a device which has properties and can do actions. A SmartApp interacts with one or more devices, and can read those properties and/or trigger those actions.

(Mikayil Abdullayev) #3

Thank you @obycode for welcome and reply. When you say “creating a device”, do you mean a device (for example Arduino ThingShield) that is not listed in the supported devices list or something else?

(Brice; #4

Yes, device types are useful for devices which are not already supported (or a supported device that you want to enable more features on).

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #5

In case the “official” Class definitions (for SmartApp, Device, SmartDevice Type, etc.) are helpful, you can browse them here:


It can certainly be confusing. This FAQ should help.