What is "IDE"

(Andy Rogers) #1

I know - total newb question:

I see people say “did you check the IDE?”

What is IDE?

(Brian) #2

“Integrated Development Environment”

Its where us geeky peeps go to write code and do custom things with ST


Funny enough the URL doesn’t have the word IDE in it.

(Chrisb) #3

Well, it used too, and the old address still works, it just links back to the new address:


(swanny) #4

Also, IDE means Integrated Development Environment which is a tool that allows you to write, build, and test code. That’s why they call it the IDE. :smile:

(Ben Edwards) #5

Funny enough, it does: http://ide.smartthings.com

(Brian) #6

Sneaky redirect there @ben lol