What is Hello, Home?

Ok… new to SmartThings… written a few very bad, very small apps but dusting off my old coding skills and learning a bunch… so generally having fun. However, I keep getting references to something called “Hello, Home” … especially in the area of sending notifications… sendNotification, sendPush, sendSMS but honestly have no idea what what feature set or UI control this represents. There is no Hello Home screen or settings that I can see that refer to it on my device. Best I can gather is that this was an older construct that has been decentralized with the basic features being represented in multiple places in the latest app?

Hello Home is what routines were called prior to the new app that was released around the same time as Hub V2.

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Thanks. So when I use something like sendNotificationEvent() the documentation refers to sending the string only to “Hello, Home”. This basically means that it will show up in the Notifications, Messages section? There isn’t anything else happening?

Yes, I believe that is still the case

@jim Here’s the link @ctdennis is referring to that still references HH