What is gp-u999sovldqa smartthings access?

I’ve been searching and can’t find anything about this.
Some shops have it listed but Samsung doesn’t give any information!
gp-u999sovldqa Smartthings Access.

It’s the keypad they announced at CES early in 2019, but
I didn’t know it had released for sale yet.

BTW, it looks like it’s intended to be a combination open/close sensor and keypad (I think that’s what the third piece is). If so, that’s a really dumb design unless the INTERNAL magnet piece is larger than the
US-mandated choke tube size.


ADA standards require that a keypad be placed where a child or someone in a wheelchair can reach it.

Accessibility Guidelines for Keypad/Card Reader Placement

Common sense and safety standards require that small magnets be placed where children and pets cannot reach it—these are hugely hazardous if swallowed.

So the design becomes an engineering impossibility if the magnet and keypad are at the same vertical height. Unless the magnet is too big to swallow. :thinking:

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I have not had one of these in my hands to test or play with. Personally speaking, I would not want a magnet stuck to the outside of my door no matter what. Hard to to say why about any of it given the information I have at the moment.

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It is for sell now in Denmark. https://www.proshop.dk/Smart-Home/Samsung-SmartThings-Access/2786573