What is everyone using lately? (February 2019)

I have been slacking with my Smart Home as of late and I haven’t kept up with the news/trends… what are some of the cool things people are using/doing these days? Just wanted to get some ideas. :slight_smile:


Echo routines are awesome! The ability to have custom voice notifications for pretty much anything just with an Echo Dot and no complicated set up is fantastic.

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Hey Stranger! I think the biggest thing to come along since you left has been Echo Speaks. It basically allows you to use your Echo devices for TTS, request songs, pause music, etc. via SmartThings.

As @JDRoberts posted, Amazon has greatly expanded their automation capabilities. I’m using it for automations between SmartThings sensors and non-ST compatible devices.


That’s awesome. Well done Amazon! :slight_smile:

Side note: who changed the design for the forum? It is really ugly now? :face_vomiting:

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Hubitat Elevation - FTW!

Nice to see you back online! :slight_smile:


Why this hub specifically?

It is developed by Bruce Ravenel, Patrick Stuart, Chuck Schwer, and a few other amazing former ST community members.

Local Processing was always my desire. And I was still upset that really none of the promises for ST v2 ever really came to full fruition. As I sat back and watched Samsung continue to remove, not enhance, the platform for the things I was after, I decided to make Hubitat my primary hub and ST is now more of a hobby to help users with ST_Anything. ST_Anything runs 100% locally on the Hubitat hub as “HubDuino”, along with my Harmony Hub integration, IoTaWatt integration, etc… Hubitat feels like what ST was in the early days, when the actual developers used to frequent this forum.


I’m gravitating toward doing all my lighting in Hue, with wall switch functionality being entirely deployed via Hue widgets in cheap smartphones. I have a handful of Cree bulbs and will leave a few in Smartthings, but have moved the others to Hue. I’m remodeling my kitchen, and will be creating lighting scenes specific to my wife’s cooking needs as well as to dining and “midnight snack” modes (the last of which will be triggered by motion in the kitchen after-hours).

Aside from that, I’m using Rooms Manager and Webcore to have Echo Speaks (as well as other functions) operate only in engaged/occupied rooms.

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I continue my quest to make dumb things smart… my previous project was a cheap exterior motion sensor and a power sense plug… add in a dollop of new app and classic app resulted in a very affective security camera lighting system

My current project is a dumb photocell, power sense plug and a now 100% reliable on timer for multiple lights inside and outside

I like dumb gadgets and power sense plugs, more reliable and cheaper than dedicated zwave zigbee items, at the end of the day most of us just need on off reliability

Also… its good to see you back Tim


I’m new to Smart Home and especially to SmartThings but for 2 months I invested in this and I have the following devices:
-ST HUB V3 with 2 motion sensors, 2Arrival sensors, 2 water leak sensors and 1 multipurpose sensor
-Logitech Harmony Hub
-Sensibo for AC
-TP-Link Smart Plug
-Amazon Alexa to be able to control them by voice

Next on my list:
-Tado Smart Radiator for heating the radiators from house
-Video Doorbell (waiting the release of netatmo doorbell that was announced to CES)
-Led light strips (currently searching for some alternatives that works with ST and does not cost a fortune like Phillips…)

I put my washing machine and tumble dryer on a Fibaro smart plug, now I get a push notification when either has finished!


My dryer is 220v. So I use the ST multisensor to tell me when it has stopped vibrating.

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Nice :slight_smile:

Good suggestions folks! :slight_smile:

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I’m coming over from IRIS and I see that SmartThing is up for sale. What does that mean for everybody. As of March 31, 2019 IRIS is shutting down. I really don’t want to invest if anything is going to happen with SmartThing.

What are you talking about? SmartThings as a company/division is not for sale.

Go to:


It says that SmartThing.com is for sale.

Let me know if it is or not.

Smartthings.com is the correct link



Ooo… I wonder how much “SmartThing.com” (singular) domain name actually would cost. And what good would it be? I bet Samsung would win a trademark (or internic) dispute if anyone tried to use that Domain.

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According to GoDaddy domain appraisal…

SmartThing.com estimated value is $6700 and it is being offered for purchase at $35,000 ($18 renewal fee per year)

For reference, SmartThings.com has an estimated value of $18,233 according to GoDaddy domain appraisal. ActionTiles is valued at $1264 :slight_smile: