What IR extender do you recommend to use with Smartthings?

Most of aircondition and TV are using IR to operate ON/OFF. What product that already on the market that compatible with Smartthings hub ? Can it be learn the IR code from the normal remote control also ?

my preference is the global cache iTach.

The only IR controller we support out of the box is the new Harmony Ultimate.

Just an FYI on that Tyler, that hub’s current firmware is flaky at best.
one issue here
my fun and games…

Change the WAP to fix the problem?, in another thread they suggest disabling 5G…

Sorry if I hijacked your thread rackman.

No harmony home hub? Harmony says its support STs

Harmony Home Hub works fine too. I have a Harmony Home Control and it works great.

Here’s the full list:


@tyler Isn’t that page a little misleading?

Logitech have not yet released the firmware update for the older hubs (Harmony Ultimate, Harmony Ultimate Hub, Harmony Smart Control) so you can’t update yet. Also, it doesn’t mention the new hubs which explicitly do have this functionality (the Home series).

Is this a bit more accurate?

[ Harmony Home Control ]

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