What have I done? Sensors work but no action

I consolidated my multi AP network yesterday and moved my ST and Hue hubs to a more centrally located spot within the house. My overall LAN is now more responsive than ever, but there’s just one problem. I can’t get any ST actions to trigger despite the sensors functioning properly. I confirmed the sensors work by testing them in real time with the ST app. The contact and motion sensors respond immediately with the correct state, but none of the previously configured actions occur.

FWIW my WeMo, Echo and Hue continue to function following this change.

Any ideas?

Have you tried a Repair z-wave Network found under Hubs??

@cdikland - I didn’t think to try that because I don’t have any zwave devices. The actions I’m expecting to occur include Nest thermostats, Hue bulbs and a Sonos Play1.

Also, I have verified that my router (RT-AC87) shows ST as a wired connection functioning properly.

Can you give a specific example of something that worked in the old location and now doesn’t?

Also the details of how you tested it in the new location.

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Can you give a specific example of something that worked in the old location and now doesn’t?[/quote]

Here are two examples:

  1. I had some basement Hue lights turn on when the contact sensor at the door is triggered. It worked fairly well before the move with an occasional misfire of a bulb. Now, the contact sensor still shows open/closed correctly on the ST app when I open or close the door, but the lights remain off. When I use my echo or hue app these lights work fine, so it’s not the lights.
  2. I had a Sonos HHA that played a weather report that no longer functions post move, but the Sonos still works fine.

It’s the strangest thing since everything appears to be working - including the ST sensors. I would have guessed the physical placement the culprit if not for the sensors responding with the correct state and the fact the hub is actually closer than before to all but the motion sensor.

If you tap the tile for an individual hue bulb on the ST mobile app THINGS page, the one the sensor was supposed to trigger, does that bulb go on/off correctly?

@JDRoberts - No, the ST app thinks it’s on, but the bulbs remain off.

It seems discussing it here was better than talking to myself. It hit me that I should try reconnecting the hub and voilà. The Sonos connect and Hue connect apps had to be reconnected.

Problem solved. Thanks.


:grinning:Lol thats funny.

To be clear, the ST hub was online and active. It’s the Hue hub that needed reconnected to ST. Last thing I would have thought needed to occur given that I neither changed the SSID nor password, but it’s kinda a rule of thumb for networking I guess.

Lesson learned. Don’t move anything unless you plan on repairing everything. BTW - the Nest Protect is a real PITA for this as you have no choice but to remove it from the ceiling to repair.

The Hue “device” tends to hold on tightly to the discovered IP address of the Hue hub. If anything significant changes, then you need to rediscover the Hue hub in ST to get them paired up.

Likewise the Nest may have a new IP address so refreshing its device can’t hurt.


Yep. ST identifies the Hue bridge with its IP address. So if that changes, it looks like a new device to ST.

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Isn’t there any better unique identifier?

I think it’s reasonable, that’s how a lot of HA nets, including all the LowPAN stuff, work.

Best if you as network manager assign static IPs to the HA devices for just that reason if you can.

I do that, thankfully… But most homes don’t have a resident “network manager”.

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I had static IPs until my last upgrade. I was too rushed for time, so I let the router assign them and forgot about it. I’ll go back to static.

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