What happens when I install webCore

I want to install webCore, but while I’m learning how to use it, do my ST / Hue / Alexa integrations stop working?

No, not at all. webCoRE will just supplement your automations as you complete new pistons.

“What happens when I install webCoRE”…

You unleash the power of SmartThings!

Had to throw that in as @Nezmo already answered.


Ahh, that’s perfect. So by “supplement” do you mean “replace” or “add to”?
I assume I can continue using the ST app for device registration and direct control (i.e. on/off)?

Thanks for the super quick reply!

webCoRE will not replace any existing automations. Anything you do in webCoRE will just add to anything else you have in place. It can coexist.

And you can continue to use the ST app(s) as you do now.

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Perfect! I want more power! If only you could have delivered it with a Pokemon sound clip:grin: