What happened to the thread on how to block users in Discourse?

Where did it go?

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Was rightfully taken over by a SmartThings moderator


Putting aside the drama, the information was useful, I hope Ady reposts it…

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Using my sick Kali Linux skills I was able to block the thread blocking the thread on blocking users on discourse which somehow blocked everyone from seeing the thread


It’s been “unlisted”. I’m fine with locking it. Unlisting it, not so much.


You mean this data?

Blocking a user on Discourse
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If anyone is interested in removing a certain user from this forum, StyleBot is an extension for Chrome that can help with that. Install it, open it, create a custom CSS for community.smartthings.com with this CSS content:

[data-user-id=“123456”] {
display: none;
The 12 3456 is the id of the user to block. Works a charm, even on private messages :smiley:

A little Inspect element is required to figure out the ID… it’s in the tag of any comment, look for the data-user-id attribute of that DOM node.

Discourse offers a mute feature, but you’d still see posts and private messages from that user. This completely removes all messages from the forum, as if that user never wrote a thing. :smiley: