What happened to the refresh icon?

I notice in the classic app it’s now just blank and that the new app doesn’t even have it.

When did I miss this? Is there a new icon for classic? For that matter, is there an updated icon list?

Or is it just me…?

That’s an issue with the latest release (2.18.?) that broke it I believe, although I still see refresh on my stuff in Classic. I’m not 100% sure though.

If you go to a device in the new app and “pull down” from the top you’ll refresh the device. You’ll see the refresh icon like this: (clockwise icon in the image below)

Once you see the refresh icon, let go and it will refresh.


I place my finger on the temp reading than pulled down to refresh. Not as intuitive as the classic app. I need to do this when my pool thermostat loses connection.