What happened to the link to Starred topics?

Just wondering what happened to the Starred link next to the New, Unread, and Top links.

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@eibyer, they got converted to bookmarks now. Click on your profile picture and you’ll see the Bookmarks link.

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Thank you! I’ve been scratching my head for a couple hours lol.


Why break / remove a helpful feature of the Forums that wasn’t broken? :anguished: :disappointed:

Bookmarks require me to tag a specific reply of a topic, instead of the entire topic thread, and I miss being able to easily view the activity on all my “Starred Topics”.

…CP / Terry.

@eibyer @tgauchat, yeah that threw me a loop too.

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if I had to guess I would say it was a change on the forum backend (Discourse) and not something anyone at ST did


Thanks for the reponse, Andrew… Indeed, looks like you are right; they “deprecated” starred.
They have a few threads on the topic, so I suppose we could find the “explanation” there, though I already have my mind pretty set on this one :wink: