What happened to the Dome Motion Sensor?

I have four Dome motion sensors on my hub and they’ve been responsive, reliable,
great battery life and they look great. I was looking to replace a dead Aeotec sensor but I can no longer find the Dome motion sensors on Amazon or TheSmartestHouse. This has been the case for three months now.

Does anyone know what happened to them?

tagging @TheSmartestHouse

Thanks for the tag @jkp! Last time we checked with them about stock, it wasn’t available. We’ll keep you guys posted if anything changes!

Thanks @jkp and @TheSmartestHouse!

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We should have the Dome Motion Sensor back in stock in early March (it’s currently on back order). We’ll post again with a link once we have it.

Excellent news, thank you for the follow-up.

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