What happened to the app? Seriously broken. Image Attached

So I have no idea what is happening here, but this system is becoming less and less reliable. Tme based is fully broken now, triggers do not complete, lots of problems.

But can anyone tell me how to resolve this issue? Cut off smoke sensor, and what is this “No Title” nonsense?
FYI removed smartapp, uninstalled phone app. No resolution.

Logout, force quit the app and log back in

logged out, forced quit, uninstalled, reconfigured after logging back in after reinstall of app. Nothing helps.

If I had to take a guess, it is not fully loading.

Iffy internet connection? Mine sometimes does that if I’m on a bad connection.

100up/100down. Internet here is flawless.

I had that too yesterday. In addition, changing routines seem to take from 10s to forever.

It could have be coincidental with me installing smart tiles app day before. Once I deleted it, everything was back to normal.