What happened to SpeechSynthesis capability?

Somehow capability.speechSynthesis magically disappeared from the Capabilities list. I don’t recall seeing any discussions or announcements regarding this. Can anyone provide any details? @Jim ?


So, nobody has anything to say? Why the capability.speechSynthesis was removed from documentation? Is it being deprecated? @Jim, @April, @mager, anyone?

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@geko , must have missed this last week: sorry. Stand by. asking around.

@geko sorry I missed this!

I’ll make sure this either gets added back to the capabilities taxonomy, or that we clearly communicate the current state of its support and plans. It might be early next week before I have an answer.

Again, sorry for not seeing this sooner.


Keep on using speechSynthesis. We’ll get it added back to the docs shortly (might take a week or two).

Sorry for the confusion, and thanks for your patience!


Thank you for the update.