What happened to smart lighting?! (Can't select button number for minimote)

Up to a week or so ago I was able to use smart lighting to turn stuff on and off by specifying a button on a minimote. Now there is no option to specify which button you are trying to program, it defaults to the first button only.

Nothing in my setup has changed and I am not using any different DT’s or anything. Why would they change something as integral as being able to specify a button on a multi button remote like the minimote? Am I missing something?!

Mine still works.

I don’t think there’s anything unusual about my setup.

I see the same issue as the OP: I can’t select the button number if I’m setting up a new smart lighting automation. :disappointed_relieved:

I’m using the stock device type for the Minimote.

I would definitely report it to support.



This problem was fixed on 6 December 2016. :sunglasses:


Previously setup Automations work fine but with new ones I can’t specify which button on the minimote I’m programming. Could you take a screenshot showing the screen I did in the OP?

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I tried again and got the same problem now.

I guess a bug slipped through SmartThings QA.

Tagging @slagle @aaron

Hoping for an update on this issue soon. Thanks @JDRoberts

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@slagle @Aaron just checking if you guys had seen this thread and are aware if the issue.

I put in a support ticket but haven’t heard anything back except he automated “we started a support ticket” email.

Another similar missing feature which I put a separate ticket in on: you can no longer specify how many minutes of inactivity before a light turns off.

I wonder if they used a new template for the screens that isn’t picking up the second level parameters?

I tried using the old version of the app and it’s the same result…

The Smart Lighting app seems to missing the option to set the button number on a dimmer now.
I believe there used to be an option to do so because I have several rules configured with being able to set the button number.

This makes using multi-button dimmers not configurable any more (e.g., Hue Dimmer).
Please investigate and fix the app to allow configuration of the button number.


Yes, it’s broken, and it’s been reported to support. It’s very annoying! :disappointed_relieved:

It was added to the first bug reports page in the community created wiki about a week ago when the new app version came out. It’s in the mobile app section.


Also… SmartThings support does not monitor this forum. There are some smartthings employees who do read every post eventually, but that’s just so they can moderate the community. When you run into a problem, always report it to support. There is a link to support at the top right of this page.

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Based on conversations in other thread, it looks like it’s not that smart lighting is broken, but rather that it is now requiring that the “number of buttons” field be set. if it isn’t set, it assumes there is only one button on the device.

So if you are using a stock device type handler, like the one for the minimote, report the problem to support.

If you are using a custom device type handler, like the one for the hue dimmer, report it to the author of that device type handler and they can probably add the number of buttons line and fix the problem right away.

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Thanks. That information was really helpful.
I looked at the minimote device handler template and was able to update my hue dimmer controller to tell smart things it has 4 buttons.

The code I copied over was:

def installed() {

def updated() {

def initialize() {
sendEvent(name: “numberOfButtons”, value: 4)

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