What happened to modes?

(Cory S) #1

I haven’t dug in too deep on the update because I just moved and I’m waiting for the new hub before I install everything. However, it looks like I can’t assign apps to modes anymore. Is there a alternative way to do this now?

(Marc) #2

Modes are still there and can be assigned from apps. You just can’t switch modes without creating a routine to do so.

(Cory S) #3

I must be missing how after the update. I have an app that monitors for low humidity for example. If I open it at the bottom there would be a menu that opened check boxes to select which modes was applicable. Now I don’t see that.

(Ryan) #4

How do I create a new mode?

(Mike Maxwell) #5

From main page, menu, then my locations, then the gear, then add new mode.

(Ryan) #6

Ah, thanks. Didn’t drill down far enough.