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What happened to Beta 19.18 & 19.19?

(Joel W) #1

Did anyone get to test the 19.18 & 19.19 Beta? I never received a notice.

(Steve White) #2

Great question. I was wondering specifically what happened to 19.18. I swear at one point my hub was running 19.18 but was rolled back. I hope 19.19 fixes the multiple daily hub crashes I’m seeing.

(Tom Manley) #3

The changes in these two versions were to address a very specific issue that most external beta testers hadn’t run into so we didn’t do a full external beta test. Instead we did our normal internal testing and also tested on a few customer’s hubs that were experiencing the issue and opted in to test the release.

(Joel W) #4

Thank you Tom, that makes it very clear.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #5

I’m more curious as to why the “major” version number is still zero…


Zero as a major Release is usually reserved for prototype or beta products, but Hub V2 has been fully consumer-ready marketed since September 2015… :smirk:


They are still working on a final release :grinning:

Can the backend handle a “1.”?

Betchya see a 0.19.19a before we see a 1.20.1