What happened to Beta 19.18 & 19.19?

Did anyone get to test the 19.18 & 19.19 Beta? I never received a notice.

Great question. I was wondering specifically what happened to 19.18. I swear at one point my hub was running 19.18 but was rolled back. I hope 19.19 fixes the multiple daily hub crashes I’m seeing.

The changes in these two versions were to address a very specific issue that most external beta testers hadn’t run into so we didn’t do a full external beta test. Instead we did our normal internal testing and also tested on a few customer’s hubs that were experiencing the issue and opted in to test the release.


Thank you Tom, that makes it very clear.


I’m more curious as to why the “major” version number is still zero…


Zero as a major Release is usually reserved for prototype or beta products, but Hub V2 has been fully consumer-ready marketed since September 2015… :smirk:


They are still working on a final release :grinning:

Can the backend handle a “1.”?

Betchya see a 0.19.19a before we see a 1.20.1