What happed to ST customer service

I spoke with someone in CS about 2 weeks and they didn’t know what I meant by device handler. I was told that someone would contact me about my issue. Nothing.

It doesn’t feel very smart to be sticking with Smartthings.

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Sometime ago support was turned over from a dedicated SmartThings thing staff to general Samsung help. So the first people you talk with very often have no idea what the system does or how it works. They just look things up and if they don’t have the answer in their database, it has to be escalated to somebody who does know the system.

That’s been going on for a while. I think it was about two years ago that support asked a friend of mine where she bought her virtual switch. :persevere:

As for the not getting back to you, that’s a different issue. Very frustrating. :rage: I would just poke them again and see what happens.


Curious… what is the issue you contacted ST about?

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I am still laughing on this…


I was having a problem with the app. I don’t remember if it was the Iris motion sensors or contact sensors. When I tapped the icon in the app I would get an error message saying something like ‘Could not download device’ and it would open the device page. I wound up changing the device type in the IDE to Smartsense on all the Iris motion and contact sensors.

It probably said “cannot download device controller.”

“Device controller“ is part of the app, not the same as a DTH.

There was a platform error a couple of weeks back where a lot of people were getting this error. It was fixed a few days later.

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Thanks for the info

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