What GU10 bulbs are people using with Fibaro dimmers?

The dimmable GU10’s I’ve got from Screwfix currently are disappointingly bright when set low, especially in comparison to some Hue bayonet bulbs I’ve got elsewhere. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Thanks @anon36505037. Wrt recalibration, can I do that from the app by setting #13 to 2 (as I have a bypass fitted)? How do I know when it is done?

Or do I need to press the button on the unit 3 times? Do I need to re-pair or do something else once it is done?

Apologies if the incantations are written somewhere and I haven’t found them.

Great stuff. Do I need to set the parameter back to 0?

I’ll give it a go tonight and let you know! Thanks for your help, got to say there are a lot of helpful people on this board :smiley:

I bought these ones but sadly I agree with you, they are very bright when on 1% and no amount of re-calibration seems to fix it… (posted so others are aware of the problematic bulbs)

Hope you get a bit more luck with yours!

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