What dumb LEDs work best with Aeon micro dimmer?

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I started a new topic for you. Lots of community members use the Aeon devices, so they should be able to give you advice. My guess is this means that you should only use dimmable LEDs with the dimmer control, but I don’t know for sure.

I know what leading-edge and trailing edge (reverse phase dimmers) means from a physics standpoint, I just don’t know what specific brands or models are involved.

Also a quick reminder that we are only talking about dumb LEDs here, you shouldn’t combine a smart dimmable bulb with a dimmer control of any kind on the same circuit, including the micros. The two devices will confuse each other. So since were talking about a smart dimmer micro, the bulbs should be dumb bulbs.

OK, a quick glance at some popular bulbs…

In US, leading edge switches are the most common type, in Europe trailing edge are used a lot more often.

In the US, the big three (Cree, Osram, and Phillips) all say their dimmable dumb LEDs should work with leading-edge dimmers. So no likely problems there.

Other bulbs should say on the box whether they are intended for leading-edge or trailing edge controllers.

@Otis , are you in the US or Europe?

JD, I’m in the US. So seems like I should be OK?

Oh and thanks for the new topic start, much appreciated. This seems more and more like a good alternative for me, provided I can find an electrician who won’t mind climbing up and installing these at each of the light fixtures…

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Sounds like it, but I hope we hear from some people who actually have these installed and can answer from personal experience. :sunglasses: