What does your ST installation consist of?

@jim_lewallen I noticed that you have the Presence tags in the vehicles. Does this work well for you and what is the range of them. I have to admit I hadn’t thought of this idea and was not going to get any since I didn’t want to have to be carrying them around.

I have two, each in a separate car. I’ve seen them open the garage door from about 50’ away.
I have a zigbee power outlet in the ceiling as a repeater.
I found the best location for the sensors in the roof mounted sunglass holders our cars have.
When the fobs were in the console compartments the range wasn’t as good or reliable.
I’ve also jimmied in an external AA battery pack for each of them as the small coin battery only lasts for a few months.

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@mike_maxwell wait can you do that? use AA’s? that might make some of these little guys last a little longer.

well sure, 3 volts is 3 volts, not going to tell you they are pretty, but they’re hidden so it doesn’t matter to me.


You just gave me an idea… Thanks!

What sort of life do you get out of this setup?

I just bought a new soldering iron and have been looking for an excuse to use it.

I don’t know yet, I did this about two weeks ago, batteries are still reporting 100%
If i remember, the original batteries were lower than that at the two week mark

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Do you ever get your vehicle presence dropping out and causing false HA actions? That is what my concern is.

That’s only happened once after the platform update a few weeks ago.
It will also happen when changing the batteries, but one would expect that.

What does the logic look like for that? Do you have to put the house in away mode first or does it just recognize your car is gone and when it is back it opens the door?

I have a simple Smart Lighting rule for presence, using the two fobs which controls a virtual switch to open the garage door.
We close the door manually from the cars before we pull out.
This automation doesn’t have any mode restrictions.

This will happen if the hub loses power for longer than your presence timeout. When it comes back up, it will register your sensors as being away and then back. So a 2am power outage without any restrictions will leave your house in whatever state it goes to upon your arrival.

I’ve got a fairly built out system at this point…
1 - V2 Hub (started with a v1)
1 - Aeon HEMv2+
1 - Aeon Labs Doorbell
1 - Aeon Smart Energy Switch (trying this guy out)
5 - Aeon Minimote
2 - Aeon Multisensor
3 - Aeon Multisensor Gen5
1 - Wall module
1 - Dimmer Switch
1 - Ecobee3
12 - GE Link Bulbs
2 - Iris Smart Sense Motion
2 - iPhones
1 - Samsung/Smartthings Multi
6 - Aeon Door/WIndow Sensors
4 - Schlaege Deadbolts
6 - Z-wave smoke alarms
4 - z-wave Wall Switches

I’ve got another 3-4 switches I’ll be installing soon as well as a few presence sensors I’m testing out, and a bunch of z-wave Metering outlets I’m hoping to install this weekend.

This is installed in an 3900 Sq Ft Colonial built in 1890. Two full time residents and 2 1/2 time Kiddo’s. I am heavy on the GE Link bulbs because my Fiance likes lamps instead of over head lighting, and we don’t have many rooms with overhead lights due to the houses age. I also like that they are only $15 at home depot!

My latest project I am working on is using presence detectors to shut down rooms because the kiddo’s like to leave the TV’s and lights on when they leave for school, practice, etc etc.