What does "Turn off as well" mean in Smart Lighting?

See title. What does that option mean? It’s in the second grouping of options. What is it turning off?

@JDRoberts I’m editing as I hit my limit of posts for day 1- I’m using smart lighting with my ring doorbell via IFTTT and a zwave lightswitch. I set up a momentary button, which is the switch i’ve input (so, turn on front hall switch when ring momentary switch is turned on). I suppose I don’t want the Turn off as well selected, right? With it being a momentary button, I assume it will go right back to being off so my light will never go on.

It means you want to switch A to turn on when switch B turns on and you want switch A to turn off when B turns off. So “turn off as well.”

Otherwise, switch A turns on when switch B turns on, but ignores switch B turning off again.

Correct, a momentary button is a good example for when you wouldn’t want to turn off as well. :sunglasses:

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