What does this mean?

Seriously, I don’t understand this at all. This is while building a new routine.

@slagle ? Do you have a Samsung to English translator handy? :wink:


Sorry JD - that’s awfully confusing. I’ve pinged our Product team so that we can update this page, fix the grammar, and suck less in the future.


Just tell them to work closely with Android team. I understand their memo better.

Update: Oops, nevermind…Android too. That’s a good step forward at least for consistency of the product across platforms, don’t you agree @JDRoberts?


Here’s what this is trying to say:

A Routine will execute even if you’re already in the mode that it’s changing to. For example, if you’re in “Home” mode, and you arrive home to execute “I’m Back” (which changes to Home mode), it can still trigger the Routine.

It used to be that it wouldn’t execute the Routine if it was already in the target mode. We changed this behavior so that you can control if it still executes:

Thanks for calling this out. We’ll make it better.


That’s why “Release Notes” were invented … sometime after sliced bread.

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We didn’t change any existing Routines. We populate this setting by default for the out-of-the-box routines, then it’s configurable for new ones that you add.

This change is 2+ months old.