What does the search box on the right do?

I am looking for info about my door locks, and saw the search box on the right side of this website after logging in.

I typed “FE599” and hit search. No results.

Then I clicked into the forums, and saw two search boxes, the one on the right that had given me no results, and one at the top of the list of forums labelled “search the forums.”

Searching the forums found results.

Can we get the box on the right relabeled as “Search something secret we can’t tell you, but NOT the whole site, like you might assume, you whacky user?”

You don’t have to use that exact label, of course; perhaps there might be a better one. :slight_smile:



Thanks for the laugh, Paul. :slight_smile:

Although we know the state of this site could be improved. No Joke! The sidebar search is a google index search of the site. Strange that it would not pickup the forum posts. Another thing to look into.