What cool things are you automating? (UK)

This here is a quality post :slight_smile:

Changed and now reporting max utilisation of 16%. Result. I’ve looked at downscaling PC spec and/or adding more cameras previously and always thought both were going to be a challenge given the CPU usage. The CPU utilisation always had me concerned, how have I not seen this before?

Thanks for that! Chuffed. Overlays etc not an issue. I’ll turn them back on via the cameras if I feel the need.

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The CCTV system is new and not actually installed yet, I’ve just set it up to check its working and fitted the HDD. I’ll have a look at the settings regarding RSTP. What does that give me if it does?

Like the look of BlueIris, but not keen on having a PC running 24/7. I’m hoping that I can find out a better way of connecting to the cameras than via this mobile app and then figure out a way to hook it into SmartThings

I’ll dig out the Generic Camera SmartApp, thanks for the heads up

Generic Video Camera App: [RELEASE] Generic Video Camera DeviceType, Yes, Live Video Streaming

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Glad someone else is benefitting from my experimentation. :slight_smile:

I also use Smartthings motion sensors and door contacts to trigger alerts in blueiris to record. Also, another cool thing I’ve done in relation, is that I use scripts in blueiris to trigger the switching on/off of heatmiser underfloor thermostats. So they will only warm the floors to a higher temperature when the cameras see motion in the same room or when ST sends and alert to blueiris. This saved me a lot of kwh last winter!

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Can i ask how we install CoRE over here in the uk?

Same as in the US.

Everything you need to know here;


I cant seem to find the button for integration.

Also on http://docs.smartthings.com/en/latest/tools-and-ide/github-integration.html?highlight=git

At the top only available for US

Dont worry people. I have installed it manually just now. Me being a idiot.

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You did it correctly. Unfortunately the GitHub integration is currently only available in US.

From what I’ve seen in other topics it seem like we in the US get a few things more (or perhaps earlier) than you folks do in the UK.

But this is what you get for trying to keep us as a colony.


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HA HA That’s made me chuckle.

Well perhaps I am being stupid now, but I still don’t undertand how to install it on a UK account.

I can install it on what I assume is a US account, but that says I don’t have any devices or hubs.
If I click on locations it takes me to my account, and I can see all my devices, but then I can’t access Core!

Help - I’m confused !

Make sure you log to the EU shard, not the US one.

Use this link:



Ok - Done it now - Thank you.

Should of read further down the page and also read the Stuart_Duncan post properly.

The important bit is to follow the Manual Installation method !

Anyone made a device handler for the FGBS-001 Universal Binary Sensor yet?
Maby you got something in the works @steve.bratt ?

I think there is one around here somewhere, just give it a quick search!

I’m sure I spied it the other day but only for the sensor pickups and the temp sensors were troublesome.

I am awaiting delivery of mine so I really hope I didn’t dream the device code and smartapp that went with it!

This the one you’re after?

cheers for pointing to my Device Type. depending what you want to achieve with the UBS i have a wealth of experience, and in regards to others having issues with the the Temp sensor not workng this is because you need to have the temp sensor installed prior to pairing the device. if you install the temp sensor after pairing you will never get the temp sensor working

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“Never” as in not even after a full reset?
EDIT, found the answer in your original post.
Disjoin, join to get it running with tmp.

I’m interested in how people have done a few things in the UK…all answers appreciated…

  1. How are people doing outdoor lighting? It seems very difficult to find any that reliably work in the UK and are supported by smartthings.

  2. Are you using/ordering echo now or holding on for a potential home release over here and assessing it then?

  3. How are you controlling your house? Voice, remotes, a tablet, just using mobiles or otherwise? Especially important with guests!

  1. Outdoor lighting.
    I haven’t found the time to do this yet but my intention is to use a motion sensor as described below to trigger Hue bulbs
  1. Echo ordered and being and integrated with the Ask Alexa app. Works well.

  2. Acceptance factor of the house is important for me so as little manual control as possible is what I aim for. Lights are either on a timers or triggered by motion and are the biggest aspect of my ST implementation, Heating is on timers but dependant on house mode as are the small number of rad valves I utilise. I use Harmony and Alexa but they are not essential (primarily for turning AV kit on when I walk in the room by voice).

Personally I’ve learnt that trying to automate absolutely everything is expensive, a hard sell with the wife and difficult to implement perfectly. I use it where it makes sense. Notifications when the tumble drier has finished, automation of the garage door, turning lights on and off in heavily used areas, to control the heating, etc. etc.

Hope that helps.

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