What comes first, mode change or trigger in the Magic Home smartapp?

Sorry but I am fairly new to all of this. I set the “Magic Home” smart app which switches between 4 different modes based on presence and sunrise/sunset.
What I am attempting to do is if we are all away and one of us returns, at night, the hallway lights turn on.
I know how to trigger this (Turn on when people arrive) and select to only trigger it in a certain mode (Only when mode is) but my confusion is what mode to watch for.
When one of us arrives home the mode automatically changes from Away to Home (Away Night to Home Night in my case due to using Magic Home") so do I set the “Only when mode is” to Away or Home.
What will trigger first, the Mode change or the “Turn on when people arrive”?
Am I over complicating this?

One other question is also about the “Turn on when people arrive”. In the “Choose which people” section if I choose my phone and my wife’s will it trigger when one of the phones return or after both have arrived?

Sorry if this is confusing…I am still learning :smile:


I’m guessing this is probably a tough question to answer. I’d imagine that both apps(Magic Home and Turn on when people arrive) would fire once either of the presence devices reported in at home and as far as I know there’s not really any way to predict which one would complete first.

I’m far from an expert on this though, so if I’m wrong hopefully someone will correct me.

For the time being you could avoid the problem by simply not restricting the Turn On app by mode. This would have the side effect of turning on the lights any time anyone arrived home though.

I solved this problem for myself with a sensor that detects light levels so my lights only turn on when it’s dark, but that does require a little more spending :smile:.

Thanks for the reply! I’m glad you understood what my dilemma was, I had a hard time explaining it. To test today I set it to trigger on Home in case the mode switched before the lights were triggered and it did not work. I then tested it with away which makes the most sense and it worked twice now, once while I was with my wife which is always a plus when it works :smile:
So I guess in my case the light trigger happens slightly before the mode change.

Hope this helps someone else that may be in the same situation :smile:

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Great info. Thanks. So basically presence based actions occurs before mode change. Which is great, and seems to make the most sense. In my case I want a light to turn on when I arrive, but only if I a, the first one home (so restricted to away mode).

Pretty basic, but would be great if ST had a kb on this sort of thing.

This thread is discussing one specific smartapp, what used to be called “Magic Home” and is now called “Hello Home Director” or something like that. Discussions in this thread don’t necessarily apply to other smartapps or to ST in general.