What can you do with a SmartThings UK kit?

Someone asked me this question so I think the forum should have better answer :slight_smile:

Note the U.K. Kit come with Hub, motion sensor, multi sensor, arrival sensor and smart outlet.

As @anon36505037 mentioned, The starter kit comes with one pocket socket that you can control. But the kit can still demonstrate the versatility of SmartThings.

For example, say that you set that device up to control a table lamp in the entry hall.

With the starter kit, you could have that light turn on for 15 minutes when you arrive after sunset. You could have it turn on when someone walks past it. You could also have it turn off at 11 PM every night if it was on, although it would turn back on if you came in late as well. And you could put the multi sensor on the interior door between the garage and the house and have the light come on when that door was opened between sunset and sunrise, which would let it work even for guests. So one light, but triggered many different ways.

If instead of the above you had that pocket socket controlling a light in the bedroom, you could have it turn on if the motion sensor device detected movement downstairs after you went to bed. Or if the multi sensor detected that your wine cabinet had been opened. ( potentially useful in a household with teenagers. :wink:) In this case, as long as your Internet was still functioning, you could also have the system send a text or push notification when motion was detected after a certain time or after you had put the house into a watchful mode, such as when you yourself were away.

You can also use the starter kit with any of the cloud integrations, including IFTTT, if that’s of any use. That would depend on what other devices you already had. So it would be more useful for some people than others, but the capability is there. The IFTTT channel might give you some interesting options for the notification example.

So as noted there will only be one device in your home that you can turn on and off, but the motion sensor or the multi sensor could be used to trigger multiple notification actions (or even other devices through IFTTT, assuming the other devices had their own IFTTT channel/service).

How useful any of that would be just depends on your own specific requirements. :sunglasses:

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Also, although it shouldn’t be your only method for monitoring someone, just the starter kit can be a useful wellness check if you have an aging or disabled relative that you want some non-intrusive monitoring of. In this case, the unreliability of SmartThings is less of an issue, because If the System is glitchy it means you will check on the person directly, which could be an unnecessary check, but is a more acceptable kind of System failure.

So you could use the motion sensor in the bathroom to make sure that the person had gotten out of bed during various time periods. That is, if they stayed in bed all day, you would know that because there had not been any motion detected in the bathroom.

Similarly, you could use the multisensor to determine that a cabinet where medication is kept had been opened, and at what times, and you could get a notification if it had not been opened for, say, eight hours. It wouldn’t be absolute proof that a person had taken the medication, but it would be an indication that they were following the usual routine, and that could be helpful.

And these two sensor uses could be combined with the control – a – light example from the previous post. So the person whose wellness is being monitored would also be getting some direct benefit.

Obviously, not everyone has this kind of use case, but it is an example of something you could do with just the starter kit that might be helpful to a particular family.

One area where smartthings really excels is the type of notifications and notification schedules that it has. It is remarkably versatile in this regard, again, as long as the Internet is working at your house and the smartthings cloud is up. So I wouldn’t use it for life and death situation notification requirements, but for convenience notifications it’s very good.

@aaron or @slagle might have some more thoughts to add. :sunglasses:

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