What can parseLanMessage digest?

(Neil Cherry) #1

Hi folks, first time post, long time gawker. :wink:

I was screwing around with the MQTT code, changed the body code in the JsonOutput
and added a tag: ‘value’ pair. Like this:

def json = new JsonOutput().toJson([ path: '/push', body: [ name: evt.displayName, value: evt.value, type: evt.name, tag: 'value' ] ]) // ... def msg = parseLanMessage(json)

I ended up with an error like this:

e30500fe-e91f-4b0f-aebb-e5f5d97ed957 9:56:17 AM: debug bridgeHandler evt.value = {"message":"child \"body\" fails because [\"tag\" is not allowed]","statusCode":400,"error":"Bad Request"}

So what Am I allowed to put in there?

(Tim Slagle) #2


Are you aware of this limitation? Seems odd. Thoughts?