What can i do with Smart Things SmartHub

I want to know if some of the things in my house can be adapted to SmartHub. I run a Tado thermostat, this is probably the smartest piece of tech i have come across.

I want this technology to be useful & easy to use , i want to adapt it to my home alarm system & my CCTV set up. All of these things have Apps but none of them work like Tado thus they don’t use a presence detection system that tells my house when i am. My alarm should just turn off when i get home if it recognises my phone in the presence of my network.
My AV system uses (bitwise) type automation, controlling is easy but only works from inside the home network.
I have Sonos & i see this can be controlled by smarthub, but i only need a Sonos App when i am at home to control this, why does Smarthub need to control things like Sonos as the genuine App works perfectly and only on the home network.

There is a Tado Heating Smart App available that I have used to integrate into my ST hub but to be honest I do not use it as I find that the Tado app with its presence sensor capability works perfectly well for my needs. Your needs may be different and is something you may wish to use.

I don’t get what you are saying. Bob I was trying to say that the Tado system is the best adaptation of smart tech/ used with a phone App i have found. It works in the house as well as being adapted to being away from the house as i can turn heating on /off from elsewhere. It also senses when i come home and turns heating on as per a schedule. So i want to know if Smarthub has any other devices / capabilities to add to me devices this presence detection and allow ease of use, just like Tado. Yes Bob, the Tado app is really good.

rooster irrelevant.

Rooster’s comments were not irrelevant. He was showing you examples of how Nest, which is another smart thermostat, is integrated by a community developer made app.

Smartthings can and does use presence to do automations. You can set up routines on schedules or based on presence modes. Seems you’re not located in the USA. If that is the case some features may be limited or not available in your country for now. Sonos app may work in your home network, but Smartthings would control your Sonos even if you are not home.

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SmartThings offers integrated control from sources not allowed by the normal Sonos App. For example, if you wanted to stop the music when someone approached your front door, this automation could be enabled with SmartThings. Your control via the Sonos app would be augmented, not replaced altogether. Your Tado thermostat could be integrated in the same way presuming it has an open API.


I didn’t proofread… Ha ha…oh well, Tada is the most outstanding smart thermostat out there anyhow so there is no need to learn about others…

Thanks Jodi, so what devices would be used in this example of someone coming to the front door? Would they need to push a smart doorbell which would inturn pause the music?

I am trying to find if there is a way to write up something for my home alarm to turn on or off like my Tado does with its presence detection. I have written a cod to allow my bitwise system to turn my alarm on and off through Wifi with an app on my phone, but i have to enter the code. I want the Wifi Detection do it as soon as i am detected on the network, ths avoiding the need to reach for the phone or the control panel when you walk in the door with a handful of stuff.

hey tpip, thats awesome, i can turn on my Sonos so my goldfish can listen to music whilst i’m not home. I have found Nest to be limited by voltage as it doesnt work over high voltage systems without a lot of fucking around with step down transformers and attenuation. Yes Tado is multi voltage compatible & internationally adaptable without the issues Nest gives international users.