What can Alexa integration for refrigerator SmartThings be used for?

As the title states, what can I use SmartThings skills with a connected fridge for through Alexa? Seems like there’s nothing I can do.

Refrigerator Model: RF29A9671SR/AA

You should be able to use voice control or Alexa routines to turn on/off Power Freeze, Power Cool, and Icemaker modes.


Does it trigger on opening the door? You could have alexa say “You aren’t hungry, you’re bored. Go find something to do.”

@h0ckeysk8er That’s weird. I don’t have those options in Alexa. They do appear in Google Home though.

SmartThings dev team needs to step it up and improve their app, integration, etc

At the time of this posting, It does not.