What are these spikes in "power meter" once per day?

Hey folks,

I have some Samsung SmartThings smart plugs (GP-WOU019BBEWA - Australian). Using the smartapp, I notice that, soon after 12:00 every day (+ 30 mins) I have a spike from the 70-80W to 65KW (yes, that is kiloWatts). See attached screenshot.

Does anyone know what this is about? It seems strange that my device (a freezer - consistently drawing 70-80W would spike)?

Also, how can I stop it … as it upsets my prometheus metrics :).

Help is gratefully appreciated. Thanks.

2’s complement resetting for the day?


Thanks @JDRoberts. What do you mean by “2’s complement”?

“Twos complement” is a way of representing negative values in an unsigned field.

Quite often when you see a really huge number in a field which is normally pretty small, it’s because the system/device is either trying to show a negative number or is zeroing out a previous accumulation.

I don’t know specifically if that’s what’s going on, it’s just a fairly common thing that can happen.

Are you using the Samsung smartthings energy dashboard, or something else? There have been reports of people seeing negative values for refrigerators when they reset a device in that interface.

Thanks. That makes sense.


Nope. I am just exporting into prometheus and I have built a grafana chart to represent it. I am “working around” the problem at the moment by using a logarithmic scale in grafana :slight_smile: .

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