What are the cheapest Z-Wave bulbs for Europe?


I am not interested about ZigBee bulbs. Only Z-Wave bulbs.

Thank you very much.

White only bulbs will be cheaper than colour changing bulbs.

Your choices are
Leedarson (hard to find, may be in pre-release)
Zipato ( they also make A zigbee version, so read descriptions carefully)

The Domitech white only bulbs are typically the cheapest, usually £30 to £35. And they are usually pretty easy to find. Try Vesternet for the best price on this.


For RGBW bulbs, both Hank and Zipato (also sold under the zipabox name) can often be found around €40. Try Z wave Europe, they stock the Hank devices.

The Aeotec will almost always be the most expensive, but very easy to find.

However, if you shop around, prices vary a lot and you can sometimes find bulbs on sale.

Most of these are also made on the US frequency, so again check descriptions carefully and only buy from reputable dealers.

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