What actually happens when IDE`s swap

which … lets face it, IS the migration in a nutshell
Forget the apps, everyone, old and new will eventually login to a Samsung app with a Samsung IDE, makes complete sense, I dont see ( or i dont know as i deleted a ghost location a few days ago ) two locations in connect so moving a few bits over to complete the automated process will be fine… its not like i am deleting the original St IDE… yet :slight_smile:

The whole point I’m trying to convey to him is that if he simply waits and goes with the mainstream, and knowing all of the scenarios that people experienced through the migration beta, we in the community can more than likely help him out should he run into any issues or complications from migrating, versus him going down his own path and trying to force things into his existing Samsung account and bypassing the migration process. With the latter, he is completely on his own and will need to rely on support only to fix him because he went about it his own way. :grinning:

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No no no, i am not going to bother support for anything, unless there is something highly technical in the background that gets attached to smart apps and DH`s it cant be that hard to do ( cough)
The Smartthings Classic app will only show info relevant to the login ( IDE ) used
Connect will only show info from Samsung IDE

If you were solely using your Samsung account and not going back and forth between your SmartThings and Samsung logins, you could probably do this without issue.

However, things like location and maybe your mobile phone and having this already active in SmartThings and you trying to do all of this manually in your Samsung account trying to replace everything from your ST account into the Samsung account (not just all your Automations, SmartApps, etc.), I have a bad feeling that something will go awry by not doing things officially using the migration process. I wish you luck, but if you go down that route and you run into issues and post them, we (I will) are going to be telling you to goto support. Remember that :smile:

Hey at least i could report back on my findings and encourage others to do it … now wouldnt that be popular

runs away

Thinking that enough new topics (including this one) have been spun up and enough issues, complaints and confusion have already been created from the way that ST went about all this and in tying to keep things minimal and getting an understanding of everything that has gone or can go wrong and being able to correct it here in the community, there have been a lot of people here who have tried to clarify or give a better understanding of what to expect and how to go about it and what to use and what to stay away from. Now you going rogue and on your own, totally cool by me and I hope it works out the way you hope it does, but having enough time in the ST world, I know what may happen and I’m not going to say I told you so. Fingers crossed for ya and I hope I’m wrong. :slight_smile:

Dont worry, i made myself sign my own NDA :sunglasses:

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How did you get rid of the second (phantom) home location. I’ve ended up with one of these in the Classic App after visiting the new app for a look-see :slightly_frowning_face: I get an error message if I try to delete it in the IDE.

For some people, they were able to delete after a period of time (including myself after account migration beta). Others simply renamed it so it ended up at the bottom of their locations and then others reported to support and they handled it. I would get a ticket into support instead of messing with it.

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The added a default location field in the IDE. So set your “real” location to default, make sure there aren’t any devices in the extra location, and then it should let you delete.


That must only appear if you have more than one Location showing up in there. Since I only have the one location, I take your word that they added this to help the end user. One proactive move, nice. :slight_smile:

Still show up, just grayed out

Lol not the same in my IDE.

now that is odd. Just to make sure we’re going to same path: From the location tab, i click the location name and then click the white edit button.

click the white edit button by the location picture up top

Correction. Never scrolled right on my locations. Lol.

With that, I have only one location and look what I can do:

Mine is read / write. Was set to false. Going change it to true and see if it locks it down. This might be another reason that Modes didn’t make it across to the new app, lol. Worth a shot.

Yep, Once it gets set to true and it’s the only one, it makes it read only.


Check it out Jimmy. So as soon as I saved my only Location to true for the default, I went over to the new app.

No more Lake House and 2 Homes.

Haha, fantastic.

So I created a new Location.

Went into New App had 3 Home Locations.

Deleted one from NEW App. Couldn’t delete 2nd home cuz it is default.

Went back into IDE tried deleting test location. Couldn’t because it’s default.

Changed real location to true, then deleted Test Location.

Went back to NEW App!!! Check it out!!! LOL

Now we have a work around for those that dont have Modes showing up.

My guess is that because I was able to delete the 2nd Phantom Home location way back when and before they inteoduced the default column, mine was on false and read write, but by changing it to true, that didn’t do anything. By creating a new false location making that the default and then changing the default back to true for my actual location, this did something to allow the rest of the features tied to my location to show up. Now that’s pretty amazing!

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Hey I gotta test scenario for you to try on IOS.

Go create a New Automation:

  1. Select Based on this Locations Mode of let’s say Home.

  2. Now go add an Action. Do the Location Modes display for you to set it to a new Location Mode?

  3. Now Delete the Condition and instead goto Actions and select the Location Mode as Away.

  4. Go back to Conditions and see if Based on Location Mode is still an option.

I can use Location Mode as a Condition or an Action, not both.