What a terrible first impression

Hi Folks, first time poster here! Firstly I’d like to find out if anyone is having as many issues as I am? Firstly, my starter kit presence sensor doesn’t work. I don’t have full integration with my Bose sound touch speaker, my iPhone presence sensor function doesn’t work, the smart cam HD pro doesn’t work. I basically have £300 worth of kit that switches a lamp on and off? time to return it all. Interested to hear others experience?

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I would definitely reach out to support. They can help you out for sure.

Hi Tim, I have, twice. I just get fobbed off with ‘it will be fixed soon’. I feel totally mislead as the system has been sold to me with ST fully aware the system is not functioning as it should be!

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Tagging @Aaron from the UK support team.

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Thanks for that Tim. I’ve had 2 online chat sessions and been told I just have to wait for Samsung to fix it ‘soon’ My soon is a day or 2 not weeks. Really disappointed and I think it’s best I return to store of purchase and look elsewhere. Really disappointing as i’ve been a lifelong Samsung fan

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as an IT expert and Electronics Engineer - I am very disappointed as well. The system barely works. I feel like I paid GBP 200 ++ to be part of a very early beta program. No wonder they are selling with 80-100 pound discount on eBay for starter kits.

Most device types for 3rd party stuff are half backed so only have about 1/3 of the functions exposed

The only sensor that seems to work as it should is the door sensor - that seems to work most of the time. But temperature sensors are off by a mile even on same product line. (3 door sensors - placed next to each other read +/- 3 degree c - that is an 6 deg c span… Yes I know I can calibrate but that is too much.

And to top it off - many of the mentioned integrations are not available for UK users… Where is Belkin Switch support (and other " web api " things)

And devices started out measuring in F even when told during installation we are in the UK.

There are so MANY basic things that have been missed here that I would call it a reputation destroyer.


Why care up I baling smartthings for sendsor issues. Unless they are St branded sensors.

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Yep SmartSense Presence fob has not been working since the day I bought the kit.

Support claims that “developers have been notified”…

I would hope so selling a broken product on launch!

And worse than that, support attitude is… meh, just use your phone for presence. When I explain that I bought the fobs for dog walker and cleaner (people who can’t have ST app on their phone) they conveniently ignore me.

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Hopefully support will notice this on here and you’ll get something more than fobbed off - I must say I’ve been really impressed with everyone I’ve spoken to in the support team both in the US and UK (I had quite a particular and odd problem which was resolved perfectly).

Sensors reading in F just needs you to put an offset in assuming you’ve already gone into your location and set it to Celsius. I put an offset of zero for each sensor and they started reporting C immediately. Yes it’s a bug, no it shouldn’t happen but at least it’s an easy one to fix.

Temperature reporting is probably out of ST’s remit, that’s why there’s a calibration offset. Depending on the part they use there might be quite a swing, the great thing is if you have had them all side by side you know what offset to use.

I promise I’m not making excuses, you shouldn’t be having these problems but I guess it’s all part of the “fun” of being an early adopter.

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Absolutely agree that things are not quite how they should be. I feel that I should be getting paid by Samsung to help sort their BETA testing of the product; but instead I’ve paid a huge amount to join this experiment.

On the plus side:

  1. Things are getting better
  2. The support team are very helpful

Just wish I was provided with some ‘good will gesture’ for this system not actually being quite ready yet.

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I have to say I’ve been really let down by support. I’ve had 2 online chats and the solutions seem to be ‘we’re working on it’ I was tagged in a post on the forum earlier on the premise that the online developer would reply, I’m still waiting. I echo what was said earlier, I feel like i’m working for samsung doing their testing.

if temperature sensor is too far out of whack - it is because they use too cheap components or have other issues in their initial setup/calibration. You should not be out more than +/- 1 deg if you have done your engineering right and chosen the right sensor.

@kaz911 All my temp sensors seem to be reporting the correct temps and verified externally ± 1 deg.
As you are an Electronics Engineer I guess you would be best placed to crack open the unit and tell us what sensor is used and what the expected tolerance is and if its been implemented correctly?
Belkin switch works really well for me using the Wemo Connect app

Whereas I racked up 90 minutes in chat to one person alone (Ryan in the US) - the chat only finished when I realised we were going to get no further that evening, my beer was getting warm, and I let him go help someone else.

I feel like I’m part of an Alpha… the system is just unusable for me at the moment! None of my routines change automatically, there is basically no support for devices in the UK and even those devices barely work… The one time I reached out to support, I got in touch with the USA by mistake. They “sent my request to the UK support team” who I am still waiting to get in contact with me a month later, even after chasing the USA support team.

This doesn’t feel like a Samsung product, its like a graduates attempt at a home automation system who started a week before the deadline was due.

Seriously not impressed.

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@Nelinski Send me your ticket number and I’ll look and see how it got lost.

@everyone … We are working on the presence tag issue. It’s a big headache to track down because it is not universally failing.

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