West Coast Developers/Users Group?

Calling all USA Left Coasters…

Would anyone be interested in starting a West Coast Developers/Users Group for SmartThings? We could either do G+ Hangouts or actual meet-ups. Maybe get some guest speakers form ST to attend on a periodic basis. Or get them to let us test drive some upcoming code and other things like that. I’m going to bug ST to post the idea in a future Developer email, but I thought I’d test the waters here first. It could help bring out the SmartGeek in us all!

What do you think?

I’m already lurking in all the Office Hours I’m able to attend - and the IRC. It seems there are only a few voices of harcore users in each. In fact, the IRC is usually always idle. Not opposed to the idea - just wonder if we could just make use of already available platforms?

If we build an Urman, they will come. :slight_smile:

By “west coast” I’m assuming you mean the west coast of Michigan, right?

I’m in Ohio but have flight privileges and could possibly attend with proper notice.

If love to collaborate via G+ as well.

I’m ready to get involved with a project and ST is a perfect platform.

Let me know.

@chrisb It said “Calling all USA Left Coasters”. Michigan is in Canada isn’t it? JK’ng

@wackare, that is incorrect. While it’s true that we do love snowmobiles, hunting, and are even getting some Tim Hortons around the area, Michiganders still overwhelmingly prefer “normal” bacon vs. Canadian bacon.


Thank you for the correction. I must of been thinking of Minnesota. :slight_smile:

Yeah… Minnesota… don’t get me started. What have they ever done to help out the human race?

@chrisb I think we can all agree we’re most grateful to not be in Wisconsin.

Oh heck yeah… Cheese heads are right out.

Though, on a side note, I do feel slightly sorry for Wisconsin. I read the book “How the States Got their Shape” a while back. Fascinated book if you’re curious at all about stuff like that. Anyway, Wisconsin basically got screwed repeatedly. Michigan’s Upper peninsula really should have been part of Wisconsin, but Michigan received it as compensation for losing the Toledo Strip. And their southern boarder should have been much further south, but Illinois successfully lobbied for a higher norther boarder because not as many people lived in Wisconsin back then… so they got double squished.

But anytime I start feeling back for Wisconsin I remember when they tried to pretend they where the mitten state:

Stupid campaign idea

Really Wisconsin? How the heck is a hand supposed to fit in that?

hand xrays

Oh… that’s how it fits.

Honestly, I think this is a pretty good world map:

Map of the World.

Hahaha, some good stuff :slight_smile:

Seriously now, who all is interested in a USA West Coast Users Group?


North or South?

Why geographic? Time zone or physical meet ups?

Cuz we’re doing the virtual ones already and sometimes it’s cool to physically hack together. Besides, we geeks need more excuses to shower and put on shoes. :cool: