Were presence tags ever fixed? What about More Windows integration?

I have 2 presence tags that i bought and finally gave up on after months of terrible reliability. I was using them with geofencing to turn lights on, open the garage door, etc.

My issue is the sensors were way to random in their actions. Lights would go on and off all day and the garage door would randomly go up and down. I’ve had my hub updated, multiple tickets in with support and even had them replaced. I also tried using the mobile presence tag.

That was about a year ago. Is the reliability on them still awful?

Also, where is Windows Phone or website integration? I heard forever ago that a web variant was supposedly in the works so we could control our things from a web portal. Then someone from the ST team said a Windows Phone app was in the works just not a priority. My wife is a Windows Phone user and still has zero usability with our connected things.

I just got 2 presence tags a week ago.

The presence from our Android and iPhones was tooooooo terrible and delayed to even try using that.

After a week we’ve had zero issues and are very happy.

What are you using them for, though? If its just as a notifications for coming and going then that’s a bit different than relying on it for lights, garage door, locks, etc.

Mine turns everything off when I leave… and if I arrive after 5pm, it turns on my home theater and outdoor systems, fires up a TiVo and starts playing the evening news.

It has been rock solid since installing a powered ZigBee motion detector in the garage. Flaky as hell before that.

Progress on these initiatives will speed up now. This increase in velocity across all initiatives will really be the biggest win from the recent acquisition.

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I hope so… I don’t mean to be mean, but there’s an enormous list of stuff we’ve been told is “coming soon” for a looooong time now. I really mean no disrespect, but everything is asymptotically approaching done instead of actually finishing (harmony support, nest support, lock pin code support, rule builder engine, publishable apps, completing the device drivers that ARE on the site…) i know you have delivered some stuff like sonos and hue, but thise came along long after there was already a giant backlog of “basics”

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Agreed. This will change.

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Why would anyone use a Windows Phone anyway?

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For starters, its a work phone so she doesn’t have a choice.

Second, everyone has different tastes so please respect that.

Third, if you have nothing useful to add please dont spam the thread with useless responses. For those of us that subscribe to the thread looking for useful information all you are doing is inadvertently sending us another notification that does not provide any benefit.