Wemos D1 Integration

Has anyone found a simple clean way to integrate the Wemos D1 into ST? Looks like there are some options with MQTT. There are lots of examples of people making a fake Wemo with the D1 which works well with echo. I have not had much success getting it to do anything useful in ST.

Have a look at my post below. It does all sorts of things with SmartThings and is built on a Wemos D1 so Im sure you can take various bits of code form it (the guide covers pairing, status updates, requests, actions…).
That said, the Wemos D1 is essentially the same as the NodeMCU and many other ESP8266 boards, so there are plenty of other options if you want further reading material.

Thanks, i will take a look!

Hi. Congrats on getting married. Hope you’re having a great honeymoon. I can see on your store that the wemo may work on a powermaster. I have a powermaster 10 which device should I get? Let me know when you’re back so I can get it from your store. Thanks

@Richard_O_Neill1 I would suggest getting the Wemos and Arduino to be sure we can get it working. A few people have now got the basics working, and now I am back I can get the last bits sorted.

Thanks for all the work on this. I’ve just bought both from your store

Hi so I tried to setup the wemos and it wasn’t communicating with the visonic. Device handler and connected to the network and the alarm etc. Now the wemos has stopped turning on completely. Any idea what’s gone wrong or how to fix it? Thanks in advance

What do you mean it has stopped turning on completely? No lights means a power problem so check your cables is probably my first step

Thanks for the reply. Yes no lights. I checked the power and tried powering by USB as well but it looks like I fried it due to a bad solder I did on the board. It looks like when I tried to fit the wemos in the case a wire got pulled off the solder. I’ll order another wemo I think. Any tips for getting the wemos to fit in the case. I really struggled and need to close it to make sure that the tamper spring stays closed? Thanks again

Oh no thats not good.

Its quite difficult to know since the internal layout of literally every single model is different, but it is hopefully fairly easy to extend the wires a bit if you need a bit more wiggle room. Do you know what wire pulled off as it shouldnt really kill the device… Especially if the power cable was connecting to the barrel connector.

I assume the panel is somewhere visible hence you couldnt just hide it underneath the panel or something, for simplicity.

Thanks. It’s attached to the wall, so I think I’ll drill a hole on the case and keep the wemos externally. Probably best if I need to update it later on anyway. The wemos was connected to the barrel connector. It looks like two strands of the negative wire pulled off when I tried to fit the case back after connecting everything.

How strange that it caused such problems. Where did you attach the wires inside the alarm in order to get power for the Wemos?