Wemo or Osrams drop off Smartthings


I have been on ST for a few years. It has improved and is much better than Vera. What has always been an issue is Devices like WeMo and Osram dropping off the hub. In the beginning I was fine with it as I didn’t have many smart apps attached to them.

Now I use CoRE and other apps to extend for ST can do. I don’t mind having to reset a device due to many factors but what really gets me is that supports answer is always to remove the device and re-pair it.

The issue is that the platform is not setup in a way that removing a device and re-pairing it will add that device back to all the smart apps.

I get CoRE is not a standard SA but it is an important app that makes ST amazing.

Ok rant over.

(Eric) #2

Yes it would be great if ST could implement some sort of “Swap Device” functionality to help make these kinds of things less of a pain.