Wemo Motion Sensors

While connecting Wemo devices to St via Wemo (connect) is more or less a hit and miss, no other devices are more inconsistent then the Wemo motion sensors. They seem to drop off almost within the hour they first respond/communicate with anything within ST. When their motion fails to be picked up by ST they can be “re-activated” by going into Wemo Connect, disabling them and clicking “Done”. Go back into Wemo Connect, re-enabling them and click “Done”(BTW: This will work for any of the wemo devices which are no longer communicating with ST). Now the sensors will work again but only for a very short time.

Switches and socket too will fail from time to time but the odd thing is that I have 3 scheduled lights coming on/off in my office. Two are Wemo devices (Sockets) while the other is a GE LED. The two wemo devices seldom, if ever, fail to turn on/off. The GE on the other, starting early this week, never comes on anymore via this scheduled event. I can however go into “Things” and turn it on.

WeMo control is still in “Labs” (beta). See: