WeMo mini surge damage?

For some complicated reasons, we tend to get power outages six or seven times a month. Rarely for more than a few minutes, often less than that.

I ended up with a whole bunch of WeMo minis about a year ago when a couple of different friends moved on to other systems. Most were new in the box.

I’m finding that the WeMo minis die completely after about 10 power outages. But all my other pocket sockets are holding up fine.

Anybody else noticing anything similar? Like I said , at my house this means the pocket socket goes bad after about three months, obviously not an acceptable lifespan.

They have a three-year warranty, but since I wasn’t the original purchaser, it won’t apply.

I have 7 of the Wemo mini plugs with the majority being about 1.5 years old. None have died yet. I don’t have power outages very often but I do tend to unplug a couple now and again.

My expectation would be that plugging and unplugging would not be the same issue. It’s when the power comes back on to the circuit that you tend to get a big surge.


Exactly! I now have my garage door openers plugged into surge supressors after loosing several boards to power outages/surges. I lost two garage door opener boards, several surge strips and a couple GE Zwave switches during the last one. My next circuit breaker panel will have a whole-house surge protector.