Wemo dimmer w Lutron dimmer conflict

New member question;
I have 4 WEMO wall dimmers (F7C059) around the house. They are, and have been functioning properly. After replacing a standard rocker switch with a non WiFi Lutron dimmer in an adjacent room to the closest WEMO wall dimmer, an odd interaction is occurring. The chandelier that is on the WEMO dimmer circuit goes full bright when the Lutron dimmer is slid to a certain position, approximately 1/2 brightness. The Lutron dimmer controls dimmable LED puck lights in kitchen display cabinets. They dim correctly without issue. The dimmable LED bulbs on the WEMO dimmer work perfectly as long as the Lutron dimmer is off or in any position other than approximately 1/2 brightness.

The Lutron dimmer is in a 6 gang box with other kitchen switches/dimmers. The WEMO wall dimmer is in the adjacent dining room about 3 feet away. They are both on the same circuit breaker, which I suspect is part of the problem. I’ve swapped WEMO dimmers in the house to see if another WEMO wall dimmer would act similarly, and it does. So it’s clearly in the house circuitry or incompatibility.

I tested the incoming voltage at the wemo, and it holds to approximately 110v while the Lutron slider is moved. However, when testing the load side of the wemo, it jumps 10v when that Lutron is at that 1/2 brightness point, thereby increasing the wemo controlled lights to near full brightness. Driving me crazy. Anyone seen or heard of this type of conflict? Suggestions welcome. Thank you.

I would get in touch with Lutron support, they are usually very good about wiring issues.


Thank you for the link. I will give Lutron Tech support a shot.

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