Wemo (Connect) - error java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException

Howdy folks, lurked for a few months and recently decided to join.

Unfortunately, my first topic is kind of lame, but I’d love to see if anyone knows anything about the error I’ve pasted below. I’ve narrowed it down to the Wemo (Connect) app.

If I go into the Hub Events page on the web interface, I see thousands of listings like:
2016-02-19 12:52:24.619 PM EST
moments ago HUB devicetype:04, mac:60A44C2108F0, networkAddress:C0A80101, deviceAddress:07C6, stringCount:04, ssdpPath:/WFADevice.xml, ssdpUSN:uuid:43a690ac-6a80-d3f4-0b78-7b6c1e854d22::urn:schemas-wifialliance-org:device:WFADevice:1, ssdpTerm:, ssdpNTS:ssdp:alive devicetype:04, mac:60A44C2108… devicetype:04, mac:60A44C2108F0, networkAdd

And if I go into the Live log, I see a continual stream of the below over and over

12:47:16 PM: error java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
12:47:15 PM: debug [devicetype:04, mac:60A44C2108F0, ip:C0A80101, port:07C6, ssdpPath:/WFADevice.xml, ssdpUSN:uuid:43a690ac-6a80-d3f4-0b78-7b6c1e854d22::urn:schemas-wifialliance-org:device:WFADevice:1, hub:9b18e3aa-cf4f-42b9-ae50-1480174da049]
12:47:15 PM: error java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException

I removed the one WeMo switch I have, unhooked every app from it and uninstalled the Wemo(Connect) app, the errors stopped. When I went back through and connected/installed, the errors started right up again. They are pretty much endless, just streaming by on the event log.

Thanks for any insight anyone can offer!

Hi, @RVoodoo, The info you post looks different from my logs with wemo.

[devicetype:04, mac:EB1A57F931D9, networkAddress:C0A86666, deviceAddress:C001, stringCount:03, ssdpPath:/setup.xml, ssdpUSN:uuid:Insight-1_0-141345K1300C6F::urn:Belkin:device:insight:1, ssdpTerm:urn:Belkin:device:insight:1]

the ssdpUSN:uuid:43a690ac-6a80-d3f4-0b78-7b6c1e854d22::urn:schemas-wifialliance-org:device:WFADevice:1 seems to be an old wemo device or no updated.

1.- Is your wemo working with the belkin wemo app ?
2.- Is the wemo firmware updated?

@ule, I’ve been getting this “unfortunate” error all morning from my Wemo insights, so that really motivated to uninstall the stock connect and put yours in…

First of all, no more errors. Second of all…NICE WORK on Insights.

Thanks for sharing the app and handler.

HI @SBDOBRESCU, Good news, please share your experience in some days to known if need some changes.

Will do @ule ! Meanwhile, I just enabled the Energy and Power Meter capabilities and also uncommented the “energy” event just to see what’s in there :slight_smile:

It looks like you are very close to get that done :slight_smile: Are you still planning on working on it? Let me know if you need any help testing, I’m around if you need me…Ah and the daily minimum looks like needs some fine-tuning…

I am getting these errors, instead…

@slagle or @jody.albritton could you please move my two post above to this thread:

Hi @SBDOBRESCU, the energy can be taken from the insight parameters, but I think the energy is just from the current load, is not the total energy used, is not accumulative data, I need to take the energy from totalkw method, but I need time to do it,

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Hi @SBDOBRESCU, I just mod the actual wemo handler, this device have a check to know if the device is connected to st, it use a schedule routine to set the ofline status, but if an answer is received it just delete the schedule to avoid the status, like any answerd launch the uneschedule, if no schedule set Ofline is active an error occurs, then I have catch the error and continues, that is the message you see, its a controlled error, I need to change the way to verify the offline status, like I have in the DLNA speakers, but its not an urgent change

I did see that, afterwards :slight_smile: It’s all good. Nice work…

Ha ha, right on. I detached everything to do with wemo connect, installed the wemo app to make sure my firmware was good and then installed the handler/app above.

My error messages are gone and the switch seems to work well.