Well that was unexpected

I must have fallen asleep with my mobile in my hand. I woke up to find it sitting on my stomach, the yet to be updated SmartThings app open on the delete SmartApps screen, and SmartThings Find, SmartThings Home Monitor and webCoRE missing from my list of installed apps.

I’d like to think I am dreaming this but I’m pretty sure I am not.

How on earth did that happen?

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Just to add to the fun, all my Automations that were using the Security Mode were deleted or edited.


it is unacceptable at the best of times but why should I need to have STHM installed to use Security Mode in an automation? It is just an app.

In the distant past I was looking at my lighting automations, the wife as usual was yak yak yaking, my mind went into stupid mode, I looked at delete all automations and hit OK. :pleading_face: my brain should have seen create new automation but the reality was suddenly very different

Self inflicted stupid moment, thank goodness there has never been a way to back up automations :pleading_face:

I feel your pain Graham


On another platform (not SmartThings) you could restore from one of the daily backups, and thus recover anything you lost. Webcore has this sort of feature (but not automatic). It would be a useful addition.


Useful options don’t appear to be part of the road map but at least we got a page called ‘life’ !

Actually that’s a little unfair, ‘life’ was insisted on by Samsungs consumer goods division, its a thing we have to live with as its part of the larger Samsung ecosystem, so although it’s not something that is popular, it ticks boxs for other departments

What is funny is the page name… screams couldn’t think of anything better to call it

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Yes, and to be fair I can’t think of anything better to call it either. The “Ha, ha, ha, look we can make our apps use cards in the mobile app and you can’t” tab doesn’t really roll off the tongue. The consumer apps aren’t really a great fit with STHM etc and putting all the installer tiles on the main page as well as in the ‘+’ menu smacks of desperation.

I am hoping Automations will eventually be exposed in the API as that will make backing them up pretty trivial. However I still contend that deleting or otherwise munging Automations should be a relic of the previous implementation. Rules are perfectly happy with unknown device IDs in them, and are perfectly happy to read and set the Security Mode regardless of whether STHM is still installed. I was actually inconvenienced more recreating Automations this morning than I was restoring webCoRE while half asleep (and even though the only backup to hand at midnight was six months old).

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Bored watching TV so I had a poke at a re design, all fully functioning but the designer I use is not meant for this work

It’s really not that hard to design a vibrant usefull app, I mean I did that laid on my sofa on a phone

Someone somewhere needs a boot up there…

oh snit! no more falling asleep belly button pushing (no pun).