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Intruder detected whilst disarmed
Samsung SmartCam: SNH-P6410BN, SNH-E6440BN and SNH-1011ND (+WWW Digest auth) (tested and working)
Women and Smart Home Technology
(Ben Edwards) #2

A few other intereating things you might not know about this new forum:

Here are a few more benefits that might not be immediately apparent:

  1. There are live previews while composing posts
  2. Composing stays active while browsing - so you can navigate around the forum while you think about what to state without losing what you have already written
  3. While composing, possible posts pop up showing you what you may be looking for to avoid duplicating an existing topic
  4. Search people by starting to type the “@” sign - those already a part of the topic will show first, then others
  5. You can see the number of posts remaining as you scroll a topic with a status bar towards the bottom-right
  6. There’s a notification center that shows you who replied or liked your followed posts at the top-right
  7. The background colors for new posts fade as you read them to give a sense of location on the forums
  8. You can get emails from threads you are following and reply directly in your email. You can change your notification settings on your preference page.

More Tips & Tricks are found in the Meta category.

(Ben Edwards) #3

This topic is now a banner. It will appear at the top of every page until it is dismissed by the user.

(Ben Edwards) #4

This topic is no longer a banner. It will no longer appear at the top of every page.

(Rob Keown) #5

How do you sort messages in the community forums so that the latest message appears first in the list? I imagine I have missed the icon or preference where this is set, so my apologies if it is obvious.

Rob Keown

(Ron S) #6

There may be a more intuitive way but I do this. Click on the icon next to your avatar which brings up the popup shown below and click on Latest.

Unless I got your requirement wrong.

(Ben Edwards) #7

I click on the Latest and New links from the homepage a lot.

(Robin Arnold) #8

I am trying to install a smart dimmer, and my box does not have a neutral wire. There are only a line, load and ground. The house is only 25 years old. Can a neutral wire be added…I am assuming I would need an electrician?


This should help. (This is a clickable link.)

(Rich Morano) #10

Go control connected to gate, but how and how to mount the til sensor?

(Malcolm Thomson) #11

I find it odd that as a new user (no sure for how long), I can only post 3 times to one topic. That makes it really hard to get problems resolved when we are having them. The suggestion is to edit a previous post but I don’t think people pay attention to the edits. Why have this limit?

(Discourse Support) #12

The default settings are used to prevent spam on most forums but if you
need to change those to better meet your needs you can do so under Admin >
Settings > Rate Limits.

There are settings for “max topics in first day” and “max replies in first
day” that you can adjust.

(Malcolm Thomson) #13

Thank you for the tips… however how do I get to a “Admin” menu? I’ve checked out preferences and my profile and can’t find anything like what you suggest or an Admin menu anywhere.

(Discourse Support) #14

The “Admin” menu is reserved for admins of this forum. You will need to
contact an actual admin on the about page I’m just a developer of the
software running this forum, but an actual smart things admin can change
those settings if they feel it is necessary.

(Darren Chaker) #16

Happy Holidays to all. I am Darren Chaker . I appreciate being able to add my own thoughts to the conversation as well as gain knowledge from other people online here who also use SmartThings. I have seen in the past few months of using SmartThings, the various devices, be it cameras or temperature control, make my life much easier while away from home.

(Juan Montan) #17

I am new using smartthings. Anyone can tell me if there is a chat group that I can interact with people about codes and integration?

Thank you

(Jimmy) #18

if you’re looking for developer specific discussions: