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So I’m using CoRE smart app to automatically welcome me with a greeting when I get home from work. But I’m trying to figure out all of the conditions needed to successfully welcome me. I have a contact sensor for my front door and I use my phone as my presence sensor and a Sonos speaker to play the greeting. So far I have it so that if my presence is present and my front door changes to open it will say the greeting. But I realized that that would be the case if anyone else comes in the house when I’m home. Is there any other condition that I can use to allow this to work. This has always been a fantasy of mine to be greeted when I arrive.

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lots of ideas over at the webCoRE community forum. If you are using CoRE, you should consider moving to webCoRE

there is also a smartapp that I believe can do it


I use my presence sensor condition “was present for less than 5min”. You can try different timing, but that way if I was home (for more than 5min) that would not trigger.

If you’re willing to add another device, you can use an I beacon and put the receiving station app only on your own phone and use the “enter the region” condition rather than the “present” Condition. You can integrate it with smartthings through the IFTTT Maker channel. That way it would only work for you. But this is easier to do with an iPhone than an android phone.

You can use webcore and check if presence changed from away to home within last few minutes and if door sensor was opened in that period it will know if it’s you. Wife and I have each a presence sensor and when we come home the door sensor in combination will trigger each a separate message.

My webcore piston example is…
If Ed’s presence changed in last 5 minutes and door sensor open/close sensor on door is open then wait 15 seconds and play message

I use WebCore with a 5 seconds delay to say something on my raspberry pi using VLC Things.

Non-webcore solution: I use an “arriving” mode for each person per a suggestion of @JDRoberts in a very old thread. My mobile presence puts the hub into “Mark Arriving” mode, opening the garage door switches the mode to “Home” and unlocks the interior door. Opening the front door (no smart lock) also switches to Home mode, so things don’t get out of sync.

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I still use this method also, only now I use an IBeacon instead of the key fob. :sunglasses:

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Would you be able to share some insight about your iBeacon setup? I am considering doing this.


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