[Weird]Senged Zigbee Bulbs are connected via Zigbee. But I can't do local control. Why is that?

The product I am talking about is this:Amazon.com

This is a Zigbee Bulb that is connected to SmartHub Aeotec hub. The

So that’s good. However when I took out my ethernet cable and just kept the WiFi on, the local control was not working. That is, I was not able to Turn on/off these lights.
Put back the ethernet cable on, and voila. Everything works.

Which is strange, because I never set up these lights against a WiFi. Also the SmartThings clearly says it’s connected via Zigbee Switch.

Now when I go back to the Routine, the routine does not say that these are Local Control.

So weird.

  1. If the Bulb is connected via Zigbee, how come no local control.
  2. If the bulbs are not connected via Zigbee, why does Smartthings say so. And if not, then how are they connected. Surely not WiFi since I never gave any credentials.

But why is taking out Ethernet Cable out of my Router stopping the communication.

What’s going on here?

On a side note, every other Zigbee Devices and Hue Bulbs work fine locally.

There are a couple of possibilities.

All edge drivers execute on your own hub, but that only means the device is “eligible to run locally.” There are still other factors that might require the SmartThings cloud.

First, what means exactly were you trying to turn the lights on and off? A switch/button that was set up in a routine to control them? A timed schedule? The device tile in the SmartThings app? Something else?

The SmartThings app, for example, always requires an active internet connection, even if it is on the same WiFi as the hub. They didn’t have to design it that way, but they did. So you can never use the app itself to control a device unless the cloud is available.

Second, there are some specific factors that could be in a routine that would prevent the routine from running locally even though the devices are eligible to do so. For example, at the present time scenes run in the cloud. @h0ckeysk8er has a list of factors that can cause this.

If you are using a routine, then if you can post a screenshot of it, that would help. :thinking:

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This is a list of things I have found that cause Routines to run in the cloud:

   * Scenes
   * Lighting Groups
   * Member Location
   * Devices from cloud->cloud integrations
   * Notification actions
   * Weather triggers
   * STHM triggers and actions
   * " Any Day" time precondition
   * Cloud virtual devices
   * Devices on two different hubs

Ok found the issue.
The Zooz Zwave switch wasn’t running the edge driver. The issue was not bulbs.
Once installed, everything is working fine :grin: