Weird message in live logging

Does anyone know what this yellow WARN message means in the IDE?

It says “warn DID NOT PARSE MESSAGE for description is catchall:”

The device that it is associated is a WeMo lightbulb. This particular light bulb gives me problems once in awhile with losing connectivity to the hub…is this message related to that?

There are different levels of logging available to developers. They get to choose what level the message is.

The levels are:

  • ERROR Runtime errors or unexpected conditions.
  • WARN Runtime situations that are unexpected, but not wrong. Can also be used to log use of deprecated APIs.
  • INFO Interesting runtime events. For example, turning a switch on or off.
  • DEBUG Detailed information about the flow of the SmartApp.
  • TRACE Most detailed information.

As you can see above WARN is really just a way of saying hey something different happened, but it’s ok. :slight_smile: