Weird message in live logging

(might be my fake name?) #1

Does anyone know what this yellow WARN message means in the IDE?

It says “warn DID NOT PARSE MESSAGE for description is catchall:”

The device that it is associated is a WeMo lightbulb. This particular light bulb gives me problems once in awhile with losing connectivity to the hub…is this message related to that?

(Tim Slagle) #2

There are different levels of logging available to developers. They get to choose what level the message is.

The levels are:

  • ERROR Runtime errors or unexpected conditions.
  • WARN Runtime situations that are unexpected, but not wrong. Can also be used to log use of deprecated APIs.
  • INFO Interesting runtime events. For example, turning a switch on or off.
  • DEBUG Detailed information about the flow of the SmartApp.
  • TRACE Most detailed information.

As you can see above WARN is really just a way of saying hey something different happened, but it’s ok. :slight_smile: